You love the thought of yoga, but find yourself a bit bored while in warrior and with a wandering mind during down dog. Perk up your practice with a celeb obsession new to town: BUTI-Yoga. This funked up mat work encourages you to "free your hips," combining traditional yoga with boot camp cardio and strength moves like planks and burpees and weaving in tribal dance moves to club-style beats. Check your inhibitions at the door and come ready to shake, swivel and squat your way to carved out shoulders, a cinched in waist, tight and taut thighs and an overall bangin' body. 
Because you can practice corpse pose when you're dead. 

Created by yoga and fitness expert Bizzie Gold, BUTI is at the cutting-edge of modern fitness. Focused on fusing plyometric drills with the traditional yoga “vinyasa” to maximize calorie burn while attaining long, lean muscle tone. Plyometric drills to increase explosive power and overall cardiovascular strength. BUTI plyometric drills target specific muscle groups and each have a yoga-based component. It is the perfect workout for those who do not have time to enjoy a solid yoga practice and also hit the gym. It turns out the ultimate trick to achieving the perfect physique– intervals of dance-based cardio and plyometrics woven into a yoga “vinyasa.” BUTI is not only physically and cardiovascularly challenging, it is mind opening. BUTI utilizes various dance movements from a variety of tribal-based dance styles including Brazilian “Baile Funk,” Miami Booty Dance, Hip-Hop, Crunk, African Tribal, and Arabic Tribal. BUTI seamlessly connects these dance styles into power yoga sequences, for the ultimate fitness experience.In addition to the physical benefits, BUTI helps its students break through barriers of self-esteem. BUTI is extremely sexy and freeing, often helping students undergo a complete SELF-transformation. This fitness concept works primarily in the 1st and 2nd and chakras to activate the innate qualities of sexuality, power and confidence. At first, students may giggle or feel shy during the BUTI Shake segments of class. A week later, the same student will have a fierce look in their eye watching their coordinated and powerful movements in the mirror with pride. This emotional component is not to be overlooked when a student is trying to get in shape. Emotional breakthrough, coupled with an obvious change in body tone and decrease in bodyfat, leads to overall life change.
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Welcome to the BUTI® Revolution
BUTI is a female-empowerment lifestyle brand. Our signature movement fuses yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics and functions as the core of our wellness approach. Derived from the Marathi word Buti mea...